French Foreign Legion : tips about the recruitment process

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The French army have a huge advantage with the Foreign Legion. In fact, on this specific group, a man, from anywhere in this planet can come to join it. Obviously, there are many conditions. But in order to start a new life, this is an opportunity that no other army provide.

I tried the recruitment process and I would like to give you my opinions on the cons & pros.

Cons :

_Do not expect candy bars. This is a tough recruitment process. You need to be tough before. They really need tough men.
_The medical expectations are high. I did not pass because of them. And you can’t find on the internet what they are expecting in this matter…
_The food is not awesome (not really the French reputation…). You have sometimes 5 minutes to eat it. In full silence, if not the whole group is punished.
_About the punishments, there are some indeed.
_You cannot have a beard (even a moustache) at least as a candidate and not before some years. You will have to shave it soon or to leave. The haircut (shaved) will follow if you succeed the whole recruitment process.
_Many candidates have the feeling to be in a prison.

Neutral :

_Do a lot of sport before. A lot of push ups for example. But also, go at least 1 month before in a fitness club and ask some advices to some coaches.
_The sport tests are important. But your everyday behaviour matters a lot too. As a sergeant told me “discipline and humility are values that we seek”.
_Being silent, standing, doing some cleaning works : those are the classic actions of the candidates. Do not expect to touch any weapon at those levels…
_Follow well the list of the product you can bring on your bag. Take a big bag. Bring more money that they said, because if they do not keep you, you will have to pay to go back home…
_Both on the candidates and on the military around them… You find the best and the worst… Great guys and not so much… Be tough.

Pros :

_If you are a true patriot & if you have a huge discipline in your heart : you will be detected by the bosses.
_Talking French (or at least English) helps a lot.
_Knowing the French culture helps a lot.

Conclusion :

The recruitment process for the legendary French assault troops can be improved.
In a way or in another, it will be printed in your soul for life.
And you can put it on your resume.