Top 10 of the Gothic couples

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Semper fidelis

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The selection was very difficult. Do you know them all ? Who was voted number 1 ?

10_Morticia & Gomez [The Addams Family]

9_Katrina & Ichabod [Sleepy Hollow]

8_Shelly & Eric [The Crow]

7_Trinity & Neo [The Matrix]

6_Selene & Michael [Underworld]

5_Poison Ivy & Bane [Batman & Robin]

4_Mina & Vlad [Dracula Untold]

3_Selina & Bruce [Batman Returns]

2_Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley and Frankenstein’s Monster [The bride of Frankenstein]

1_Persephone & Hades

Vlad Tepes