Trailblazer Firearms « Lifecard »

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Trailblazer Firearms have (for now) two weapons : the “Lifecard” and the “Pivot”.
Although the two weapons are innovative, we are just going to talk here about the Lifecard.
The Lifecard looks like a smartphone… But it is a firearm.
A one shot firearm who exists in 3 models for 3 kind of ammunitions :  22LR, 22WMR (magnum) and 17HMR (I love the possibility of using the 22WMR).
The end of the barrel can be threaded… Which is a nice idea too.

Here is the official video about it :

And here is one review about it :

On, the 2 reviews are not bad :

I find the price a bit expensive (it starts under 300$) but this is a nice idea anyway. A device with a modern look and more discreet than the derringer type of firearm. For example, it can really suits the needs of businesswomen.