Yokko Chérie

Website : www.yokkocherie.fr

Etsy shop : https://www.etsy.com/fr/shop/Yokkocherie

Instagram account : https://www.instagram.com/yokkocherie/

Email : yokkocherie@gmail.com

Telephone : +337-84-26-23-19

Behind “ Yokko Chérie” we find Élodie. She lives in Sausset les Pins in Rhône Alpe [France]. She creates nippies , more commonly called “nipple covers” in the world of lingerie. In life, her passions are everything linked to sailing sports in relation to the wind : kite, snow kite and paragliding (soon)…

OJL: Hello
Yokko chérie : Hello.

OJL: So we will first try to understand your personality a little. Then secondly we will talk about your work.
So in order to know a little more about you, we’re going to start with four fun questions. Can you tell us what your favorite color(s) are?
Yokko chérie : I don’t have any, it depends on my moods, the seasons, my state of being (smile). This can vary every day so I prefer to say that I love them all ! (laughs).

OJL: The animal(s) you love?
Yokko chérie : I love birds, their songs, their ways of being free and being able to go wherever they want. I also really like felines, their skills, dexterity, the precision of their movements and their indomitable characters!

OJL: Which digit(s) or number(s) do you prefer?
Yokko chérie : The 18th ! My whole life revolves around this number, whether in my meetings, where I live etc…

OJL: Finally, who are the superhero(ies) (see super-villains) that you admire?
Yokko chérie :Xena the warrior princess” without a doubt! I was in total admiration when I was little and I still am.
I was impressed by her strength and determination, this way of getting out of every bad situation while becoming stronger and stronger as she progressed in her quests.

OJL: There is actually an article about Xena on OJL. What a legend… Let’s talk a little about you now. How could you introduce yourself?
Yokko chérie : How to define myself… I think I am a creator at heart. I love focusing on building new things… Locking myself away for days to imagine new designs… Creating new things… I can totally feel this flow that carries artists and it is a bit like a drug. I constantly feel this need to create . I see art in everything around me and that’s where I draw all my inspiration . And when I am not creating I have this adventurous side that comes out, I like to take risks and surpass myself both in sport and in life… doing things that few people dare to do, we’ll say that I’m rather … Reckless (vampire smile).

OJL: Wow … Who are the professionals who shaped you? Who struck you down? In a few names and why.
Yokko chérie : I don’t get your question. Rather mentors or idols ?

OJL: Your mentors and idols.
Yokko chérie : Coco Chanel, for her independence, her determination and her ability to challenge the fashion conventions of her time ! I also really like her for her outspokenness, her self-confidence and the way she created an image of a strong and modern woman.

OJL: How did you choose your pseudonym?
Yoko chérie : It is top secret (wink).

OJL: Let’s talk a little about your work now. What are you creating?
Yokko chérie : I create chest jewelry that we call nippies in the burlesque community.
These are jewels that we place on the tips of the breasts most often to cover or decorate them.
I create all kinds of nippies : sexy, gothic, glamorous or colourful. I consider each piece to be a true work of art.

OJL: How can you define your style?
Yokko chérie : I tend to have a refined style, I love everything that is detailed and shiny, which will enhance a part of the body that is generally hidden.

OJL: What techniques do you use?
Yokko chérie : I mainly use the rhinestone technique , which consists of applying crystals piece by piece on created bases which will cover the tips of the breasts, we can also call it… Meditation (laughs).

OJL: Can we place you a personalized order?
Yokko chérie : Yes, I essentially do tailor-made products, most of my clients send me their measurements, their ideas, photos, etc…
I make them based on what they want and my inspiration by looking at their ideas.

OJL: What are your 2024 plans?
Yokko chérie : I have a lot of ideas for 2024, I’m already working on a new collection. I plan to drastically expand my activity by evolving the nippies for leaf strippers into truly exceptional pieces worthy of being considered jewelry. You will soon be able to discover these new collections and I look forward to revealing them to you exclusively soon !

OJL: Can we subscribe to your newsletter? Because social networks are a bit saturated…
Yokko chérie : NO but you can get news directly on my site www.yokkocherie.fr in the « Actu » section.

OJL: Do you have an anecdote about one of your products? Or one of your sales?
Yokko chérie : Not really…

OJL: Last question. You definitely have friends who are doing amazing things! If you want to promote them a little, now is the time!
Yokko chérie : I have two:
_ Geoffrey secco: who does concerts… under hypnosis:
_ Tania Larsson : who is an indigenous jewelry designer:

OJL: Bravo for what you do. May Our Lady protects you.
Yokko chérie : Thank you.

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