7 reasons why “Miraculous Ladybug & Cat noir” is a miracle

Link to the main picture : here
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Link to the trailer : here

Well, «Miraculous » is a cartoon about two superheroes… And it is a miracle. Really.

Number 1 :

”Miraculous” is a word based on the word “Miracle”. A Christian word about the amazing actions of the Divine. And Our Lady and Jesus did a lot of miracles. We can also see in the word “Miracle” the name “Marie”.

Number 2 :

The action takes place in Paris. On the trailer we can see the Eiffel Tower and the cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris.
You noticed something ?
*The name of Paris, might have been created as an homage to the Egyptian goddess Isis. Paris could mean “Par Isis”. And Isis have a lot in common with Saint Mary.
*The Eiffel tower is sometimes called “La dame de fer” (the iron lady) and have maybe been made for OurLady.
*And well, Notre-Dame de Paris is obviously a cathedral dedicated to Our Lady.

Number 3 :

As you can see on the trailer the main character is a lady. Her name is Marinette. She has some blue hairs and some blue eyes. A white shirt and a pink bag.
You noticed ?
*Marinette is a name who looks like Mary (Marie in French). It is a French nickname for little Mary.
*The blue and the white are linked to Saint Mary.
*”Blue, white, pink” : it looks like “Blue, white, red” : the colours of the French flag. Also a trinity of colours. And the trinity is an important concept in the Christian religion (as for the Kelts/Celts).

Number 4 :

Marinette is called the chosen one and received two ladybugs to be used as magical earrings.
Noticed ?
*In France, the ladybug is considered to be linked to Holy Mary. It brings luck. Also called “La bête à bon Dieu” in French. The Wikipedia page about this expression, clearly talk about Our Lady : link
Also, in France, if we find a ladybug, we count the number of black spots on it. Each black spot means luck (some people say 1 black spot > 1 year of luck).

Number 5 :

We can see the full moon in the trailer. And Our Lady is linked with the full moon… A lot !
Also, showing Notre-Dame de Paris, who is a cathedral, so a church, so a Christian place > is very courageous.

Number 6 :

We see first a cat when Marinette transforms herself. And then, the male character is linked with the cat. [I love the fact that he looks like Batman and that his eyes are strange].
Noticed again ?
*The Egyptian goddess Isis might be the same as Bastet… A goddess who looks like a cat.
* “Cat noir” the name of the boy is a reference to “Black cat”. And the black cats are… Let’s say friends with some spiritual ladies ;-). Courageous.

Number 7 :

On the producers, you have ABC. If you watch the logo of ABC, it is a symbol linked to Saint Mary.

Conclusion :

Well, it is a great news. This show seems linked to Saint Mary. It is so great.