Arex « Delta Gen.2 »

Link to the main picture : here

Official website :  

Arex is a Slovenian firearms manufacturer. According to Wikipedia, the company is owned by the Czech holding RSBC (who also owns Steyr Arms).

Here is an official video of presentation about Arex :

Amazing video no ? It have been made by Polenar Tactical :  

Arex produces pistols. Their most affordable one is the Delta. And now there is a new generation of Delta. Here is the official video about it :

I love the look of the man. And the lady is awesome. A very professional video. Congratulations to them.

Let’s see two reviews about the Delta Gen 2.  The first one :

As you can see, the review of “Pew Pew Tactical” seems good. Let’s see another review :

It seems that the opinion of “TheHumbleMarksman” is not bad too.
Now let see how to disassemble and reassemble it (in order to clean it), in a short video, thanks to “Pew Pew Tactical” again :  

Well, what can we say now ?

Cons :

_For now, the brand do not provides some pistols in 22LR

Pros :

_The name of the company is badass
_The design around the trigger is great
_The grip looks interesting
_The global design looks nice
_Interesting price

Conclusion :

Arex seems to be a serious new player. Forza to them !