Christine McConnell

It is difficult to put the artist Christine McConnell into a box…

Pastry chef, interior designer, photographer, entrepreneur etc… She evolves in many styles : Retro, Victorian, Gothic, Alien, Out-of-category, Pop-culture, Creepy, Burlesque etc…

I discovered her thanks to this video : Link

I immediately found he work very ASMR (relaxing), super original and enterprising.

To find out more about her journey, here is a short report I found about her : Link

In this official promotional video for Tim Burton’s film  » Miss Peregrine and the Peculiar Children  » she promotes the fact that it is okay to be  » weird  » : Link

She had a show on Netflix.

She is also a friend of the mighty Dita Von Teese

I greatly encourage you to follow her works.

_Her Instagram account offers… 749 photographs ! Link

_At this day, she has 12,482 contributors on her Patreon account : Link

_Her Youtube channel has 423,000 subscribers: Link

One of my favorite photographs is this one with a Facehugger (creation by Hans Ruedi Giger for the Alien films).

By the way if you are a fan of his works, notice the importance of animals in his work. We often find spiders, owls, bats, crows, etc. there.

Quincey Morris