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How to define their works ?

Viki & Alexander created their site on January 1st, 2022.

The expression  » The source cards  » comes from the fact that they believe (and they are not the only ones) that behind the traditional deck of cards lies a large part of the secrets of our personality and of our destiny.

The secrets that guide our lives… are hidden in plain sight

Indeed, psychics (it seems especially in the USA) believe that the secret of our life path on earth is hidden in the traditional card game. Yes, the same deck of cards used by poker players, gin rummy, bridge etc… These cards are in fact an ancient system of knowledge which would reveal to us the purpose of our lives on Earth.

The idea is that our date of birth is associated with one card, along with a series of 13 (or more) other cards. These cards are the blueprint of our destiny. They reveal our life path, but also who we really are and why we are here. gets you started

In fact, the site offers you a plan and a “survival kit” to start to improve your life.

According to Viki & Alexander, if you want, you can consciously play your cards correctly right now.

And they are here to help you.

Then, following their help and explanations, you should notice the emergence of a new confidence in yourself. A confidence that comes from knowing that you are finally on the right path.

The next step is that normally, and magically, the right people should appear on your life path. And right on time, the doors should finally open.

Thanks to this method, you should find your way, your flow. And your life can become sweeter and more satisfying as a result.

Who are Viki & Alexander ?

Viki is a healer and psychic who helps people free themselves from anything that can prevent them from living a healthier and happier life. She was trained and certified by Barbara Brennan and is also a certified “ Theta ” healer. Since then, she has developed her own and unique way of doing her healing sessions : by contacting God directly in order to transmit the energy of a requested person. In her career, she has seen some physical and emotional miracles.

Alexander is a psychic and a coach who helps people to play their cards correctly. He wants to help people to move “ from darkness to light ”. He is the author of the book “ Play Your Cards Right : A Sacred Guide to Living Life on Earth ”. He first graduated from Harvard, then worked as a consultant on Wall Street. Then, he decided to turn to searching for the meaning of his life. Through Christianity, meditation, Indian knowledge and ceremonies around plants with shamans… And he finally found the answers he was looking for… in the famous traditional card game.

Conclusion :

The site offers you some free tools to know your birth card and the cards linked to your personality (these two pillars are very important to know better your life path). Enjoy this material !

Do not hesitate to contact them. Really, they are charming !

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