Éliane Magrina Milhâm: medium and conveyor of souls

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Interview with Éliane Magrina Milhâm around 3 topics : the work of the author, the work of the conveyor of souls and about Our Lady.

About the author’s work

OJL : How do you see your work as an author ?

Éliane Magrina Milhâm : For me, it is not a job, but an exchange with a friend who is in a world that seems very far from ours. A world in the stars, in what some call the afterlife. I am a medium and I can communicate with the inhabitants of invisible worlds. Communication takes place through the transmission of thoughts, with great freedom, rigor too, and a lot of love. This is how I received my two books which were dictated to me by one of my Light guides.

OJL : What messages do you have to send us ?

Éliane Magrina Milhâm : The main message is that everyone must work on themselves, on their fears, beliefs and limitations, to increase their vibration rate, with the aim of working towards their karmic liberation. This karmic liberation will allow the person to escape the wheel of incarnations, the pattern of death/rebirth. She/He will thus be able to have enough energy to leave the astral and reach the worlds of light.

About the work of the conveyor of souls

OJL : What is the work of a conveyor of souls?

Éliane Magrina Milhâm : When some person dies, they can, unfortunately, find themselves in somewhat a “gray areas”. Some call these areas “limbo”, others speak of “between the world”. For my part, I speak of “non-evolving worlds”.

The being who no longer finds the path to light and who remains to wander in these worlds, remains in his sufferings… And in the end, it can manifest itself on our plane, identified as a ghost that haunts a place. But this is not a generality. The soul that finds itself in these gray worlds can wander there in many other ways. This is a very broad subject.

In order to solve the problem: I have two ways to proceed. Or the passage of grouped souls. Or the individual soul passage.

Group soul passing, for example, can involve groups of souls who suffered in a defined location, such as a battlefield.

The passage of an individual soul rather concerns cases of hauntings or the case of a being who has recently disappeared, who needs help.

OJL : How did this intuition come to you that you could help souls ?

Éliane Magrina Milhâm : I had distanced myself from esotericism, for family reasons. But I noticed that in my home, forms of hauntings were appearing more and more. I called in a professional to fix the problem. At the end of his performance, he told me that the spirits needed me. But the message was not clear. After a while, I had a flash and saw that I had to created a vortex of light next to my altar. I then noticed that this vortex gave hope to the spirits and helped them ascend to the angelic worlds, where they were collected with the primary goal of being healed.

About Our Lady

OJL : O-j-l is a Marian magazine, as you know. The question should therefore be asked to you: does Sainte-Marie help you in your activity?

Éliane Magrina Milhâm : As for you, I believe that Saint Mary and Isis are linked. For me it is the same energy.

Then, in my case, I had a dream in which I was in a room and at one point I asked for help. One person said to me (behind my back) “I’ll help you”. I turned around. And it was Saint Mary. A few months later, an unexpected event happened. And this event changed my whole life… I experienced it as a rebirth.

This dream took place in 1998. And I feel enormous gratitude towards Our Lady.

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