Éric Bourgeois: watercolorist

Website: http://www.ericbourgeois.fr/

Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/fr/shop/EricBAquarelles

Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/_ericbourgeois/

Email: info@ericbourgeois.fr

Telephone: +33 6-34-90-11-45

Éric is a watercolour painter. He lives in Paris and he sells his paintings since 2020. At the same time, he is an freelance computer graphic designer. In life, his passions are drawing, graphics and cartography. Meeting with an humble and pleasant painter.

OJL : Hello Éric.
Éric : Hello.

OJL : Four quick questions before getting to the heart of the matter.
As you live in Paris, can you tell us what your favourite café is there? And what do you like to take there ?
Éric : I don’t really go to cafés ! (laughs). I’ve lost this habit a little… I certainly live near Montmartre where there are a multitude of more or less typical bistros and cafes. Moreover, I very often pass in front of the café where the legendary film “Amélie Poulain” was filmed, rue Lepic. For my part, with my friends, we find ourselves most often at République, which is more central. There too, bistros are legion. They have the advantage of being very large and with beautiful terraces. When we find ourselves in one of the bars in this area, it is often at the end of the day, after work. We naturally have a cocktail there, depending on the mood of the day (my preference is the mojito…).

OJL : And what is your favourite park or place ?
Éric : I like the Bois de Boulogne for doing a jogging… Even if it’s a little far from my home. Otherwise, I must admit that Les Buttes Chaumont is a “must” in terms of tranquility and layout.

OJL : Very interesting. Next, what was the last book you read ? And the last song you listened to ?
Éric :_About the book: the complete works of Julien Green (I love this author).
_About the song: Melody Gardot’s albums… On repeat… For the voice, the music, the atmosphere…

OJL : Ah Melody Gardot… Very good choice. Finally, do you have a quote and/or proverb that you like ?
Éric : “Don’t put off what you can do today.” Because we always regret it!

OJL : Let’s talk a little about you now. How could you introduce yourself ?
Éric : I turned fifty a few months ago. I love drawing in all its forms (both artistic and technical) and that is why, among other things, I began a career change in 2016 to become a graphic designer. And that I seriously resumed drawing in 2018. It was on this occasion that I discovered… watercolour.

OJL : Who are the professionals who shaped you ? Who struck you down ? In a few names and why.
Éric : My long professional career has been punctuated by incredible encounters, very professional and very caring “everyday” people. On the artistic side, I learned a lot from Marion Leroy, my teacher in Paris and from Robin who guided me to be more comfortable in outdoor practice and sketching.

OJL : Let’s talk a little about your work now. What are you creating ?
Éric : Paintings and mainly watercolours (increasingly larger I must say (smile). I also work with coloured pencil (very interesting medium which creates striking effects) and dry pastel (very powerful for what is colour and texture).

OJL : How can you define your style ?
Éric :  I would say rather figurative, if not hyperrealistic. I like abstraction but I have difficulty putting it into practice… In my “classical” mind, painting serves as a more or less faithful representation of the way in which the artist perceives a thing or an atmosphere. But perhaps abstraction will become one of my modes of expression over time ? (smile).

OJL : What techniques do you use ?
Éric : I most often paint “wet on dry”. That is to say, I rarely moisten my sheet before applying the paint. This way I remain more in control of the brushstrokes. With the exception of the skies which I do not hesitate to make very “blended”. I also tend to add several layers of paint (wash) to obtain the desired shade, even if more and more I try to stick to a single pass, even if it means that it is less faithful to my idea.

OJL : Can we place you a personalized order ?
Éric : Yes, even if the orders always put a lot of pressure on me (laughs). I feel indebted to the customer who has his vision, his expectations and his own expression. There needs to be a great deal of trust between the customer and the painter.

OJL : What are your next projects ?
Éric : I am preparing my very first exhibition which will take place at the end of October 2023, at the Andrésy autumn show (78). It is a little challenge for me and it will be an incredible experience.

OJL : Good luck to you for this new challenge. Can we subscribe to your newsletter/newsletter ? Because social networks are a bit saturated…
Éric : It is planned but it is not yet ready. You can follow me on Instagram right now.

OJL : Do you have an anecdote about the creation of one of your products? Or one of your sales ?
Éric : I have just sold two paintings in quick succession in the United States. It is pretty crazy to think that today the whole world is really our home (laughs).

OJL : Last question. You definitely have friends who are doing amazing things ! If you want to promote them a little, now is the time !
Éric : There are a lot of them on Instagram and we follow each other. But I would especially like to highlight Ito Gordon. He is a very talented watercolourist. Here is his website: https://itogordon.myportfolio.com/

OJL : Bravo for what you do. May Our Lady protects you.
Éric : Thank you.

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