Exodus : Gods and Kings (2014)

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Cons :

_There is no mention of the “Sacred Feminine”. Both in Egyptian mythology where Isis is venerated, as well as among the Jews who venerated the Shekinah.

_The title indicates “gods” but the film only mentions the Egyptian gods quickly at the beginning. Then focuses only on the god of the Hebrews. We can just see some winks like a statue of Anubis at a moment.

Neutral points :

The word « fanatic » is said twice in the film.
The Larousse gives the following definition: “Who is carried away by excessive ardor, an inordinate passion for a religion, a cause, a party”.
It seems to be the most important point of the movie.

Pros :

_The film follows the structure of the cartoon “The Prince of Egypt” (1998). And the adaptation is quite good. There are even subtleties in the storyline that are worth watching.

_It’s a big show. Big music. Big scenes etc… At the end, it is stated that the film required 15,000 people…

_Joel Edgerton is excellent.

Conclusion :

A BIG movie…
If it is what you are looking for…

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