The gourmette : ardor & style

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If for these ladies, the “chocker” necklace is reminiscent of a feline. For these gentlemen, the bracelet is reminiscent of a mastiff.

We’re not going to hide behind our little finger, the chocker clearly reminds us of a courtesan. And the bracelet clearly makes you think of a gangster.

It is in the film “Bullett to the head” (2012) that Sylvester Stallone really highlights this gem.

See for yourself, we saw it really well on the film poster :

This image comes from this cult scene (even though honestly, the film is quite average):

This scene is strongly inspired by this scene from “Eastern Promises” (2007) :

It should be noted that Johnny Hallyday wore a chain bracelet, as seen in this legendary Paris Match cover :

For my part, I chose this model :

Link to : here

When I bought it, I also took a chain from them. This one
Luckily, one of my pendants bought here fits very well in it.

It’s a nice piece of jewelry to say that :
we’re not here to be bothered.
And if it’s gold, it’s a way of saying that :
we’re here for business.

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