My definition of the Barock style

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I like the word “Barock” but what kind of fashion style can it be ?
Well I would say that the Barock style is a “Corsair style” (a universe loved by the artist Isabella Iskandaryan). What do I mean ? I think the real Barock style is a balance between the black outfit and the gold accessories.

Yes, the Barock style is a mixed style I think.

But why can we need a mixed style ?

Because indeed, a full outfit in one style can be… A kind of a disguise or a kind of a costume. It can be fun, but in the everyday life, it can look like a caricature or like a cliché.
For example : a full nun style or a full sexy style can be not the best combo for the everyday life. But mixing the two of them can make a sophisticated weapon. A weapon who is never boring.

The Barock style in my opinion, is a mixed style between the black and the gold colours :

_In one hand, a black style who can be called : Rock, Gothic or Pirate.
_In the other hand, an extravagant style with some gold jewels who can be called : Baroque or Rococo.

One artist who have been promoted in o-j-l mix very well the black and the gold : it is Lou Pallini.

The black of the Rock culture

Black is such a powerful colour. It is the main colour in the Rock’n’ roll and the Gothic culture.

If you love to wear the black colour, you just have to add a touch of red on your style to get a nice vampire look. The brand Louboutin understood it very well !

But the problem with the black colour, is that he can looks too popular sometimes…

So, it is important to try to have some well cut black clothes. Yes, the corporate style, indeed, do the job. Who is not a fan of the uniforms ? So fetish !

And this is the main problem with the biker style : using the black clothes… with some silver accessories… Well… It does not work often. Unless the silver jewels are very very chic, the silver is not a metal that can make a huge impact as the gold (or the golden).

Silver can be fun. Can be a bit “heavy metal”. But it lacks of ambition compared to the gold (or it lacks of social status).

I know Johnny Depp wears a lot the black colour with some silver jewels… But I find this style a bit cheap (especially when we know how rich he is).

The gold of the Antics times

A brand like Versace is a master of putting in light the incredible legacy of the greek and roman pagan culture.

If the black is the colour of the North of Europe. The white and gold are the colours of the South of Europe.

Gold was in fact a colour linked to the Gods and the Christian culture understood it very well. Ladies, if you want to look like a Goddess, consider a bit of gold in your look.

The problem with the gold ?

Well if the black can be too introvert, the gold can be too extrovert (even pretentious). “Look at me I’m rich !” can be the message if you wear a full white outfit with some gold jewels.

Conclusion :

The black can be too humble and the gold can be too proud.
So yeah, the gold can needs the black as the black can needs the gold.

Black and gold : this is the Barock style in my opinion. I think it is a very interesting style. Because it is a style full of opportunities.

By the way… Black, gold, and sometimes a touch of red… They are the colours of the flag of Deutschland no ? 😉