Quentin Séité : rooted graphist

Website: https://hermine-design.fr/

Quentin Séité is a freelance web designer based in the Côtes d’Armor (Brittany).
His services are aimed at professionals as well as individuals and associations. He offers graphic design and website creation (or redesign) services. Through his expertise, he can offer you some tailor-made, original and unique services.

For example :

_In terms of graphics, Mr Séité had the opportunity to design thumbnails (or avatar) for videos published on Youtube.
Like this one :

_In terms of website design, Mr Séité had the opportunity to create numerous showcase websites and he started to buil e-commerce websites.

Mr Séité also holds a Master 2 in History specializing in “Promotion of cultural heritage and local development”. This means that he is regularly committed to the preservation of heritage and the promotion of our culture.
You can find all of his creations and services on his website : hermine-design.fr

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