Crassula ovata : the famous plant that attracts money

Basically, I am like Saint Thomas “ I only believe what I see ”. And I absolutely did not believe in the power of the very popular “ crassula ovata ” plant. This plant which reputation is to “ attract prosperity ” (her nickname is “ jade tree ”).

But here are several anecdotes that I experienced, around this plant, which made me change my mind and which should interest you:

1_ In my first company, my predecessor had some on those everywhere in his office. His business was very successful. For various reasons, I decided to remove all the plants (there were also ferns I think). A few months later… the company was no longer successful at all…

2_One day, a customer who liked me gave me a small plant. She told me “ This plant attracts money ”. It was a crassula ovata.

3_The most popular restaurant in my town… Has a crassula ovata next to its front door.

4_Another big company in my town has a big crassula in the center of its offices.

5_And I heard about a person who had a lot of them in his apartment.

You can buy this type of plant at your local garden centers. And in France, you can find them there too and in the franchises like Truffaut and Jardiland.

Conclusion :

Even if you are skeptical, give it a try.

Quincey Morris