Heavn : the revolutionary Christian dating app

After many years of work, the application “ Heavn ” have been released in September 2020.

It is the first French-speaking Christian dating application.

In July 2021, there are more than 10,000 people using this application in the following French-speaking countries: France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

It is a triumph.

However, the challenge was huge. Since the creation of Meetic in November 2001, the world of dating sites (and then applications) has evolved a lot… for the worse most of the time…

Harassments, resales of datas, hidden costs etc… In short, enough to be absolutely disgusted by this kind of dating systems.

I heard about the existence of Heavn over a coffee and it took me a while to believe it. Because I no longer had hope in dating apps. Truly, an unhealthy universe, in which I no longer wanted to set foot. But as you will be able to read next, Heavn , on 5 points, has revolutionized the dating application…

1_A truly intelligent Christian application

At the first glance I said to myself… Ah, it’s not for me…Yes, I am baptized, I received the communion and I have been confirmed. But I don’t believe in “forgiveness” at all. And I don’t go to mass because I think that Faith is an intimate question etc… etc…

And then I told to myself… I still have the Christian values … And, frankly, even for just a chat, I would be happy to talk with some people who have the same values basis.

What I like with Heavn, is that without falling into sectarianism or into some excessive openness, Heavn accepts different kind of Christian spiritualities.

Honestly, I would love to have a deep discussion with Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, Evangelicals, etc… It’s really positive.

2_“Slow dating ” finally brings ethics to the world of dating applications

Well, I guess everyone knows Tinder ?

How many hours did we spend “ swiping ” some profiles from right to left ? And when (finally) we saw someone who looked good to us: how many hours did we have wait for our “match” ?

Tinder was a huge hope, honestly.

At last, the bachelor life that everyone has once dreamed of…

But that was without counting with the human nature…

And… The disappointment have been abyssal…

Many problems have arisen.

One of which struck me the most was seeing a video of a man who did a machine to “ swipe ” instead of him… for hours…

The worst, in my opinion, is the emotional consumption. Even the sexual consumption. With Tinder, we were not at all in the intellectual encounter, nor even less in the spiritual encounter. And what about the ideal of fidelity ? It was hard to believe on it with this application…

What did Heavn bring?

Well Heavn brought something that I didn’t know : the “ slow dating ”.

Honestly, a genius idea …

Heavn offers to present to you, every day, 3 profiles, selected especially for you.

And you only see one photo?

Not exactly.

You can see multiple photos and thoughtful display areas. In order to allow you to understand the personality of the person presented to you.

Here, it is not just the appearance that matters.

3_A secure and serious application

A few years ago, I visited a dating site whose concept was brilliant. There were only a small problem: there were no moderator on it. Although the concept was great, it was a mess.

Heavn has a team of moderators. And they delete all the accounts that do not meet the “serious dating” target.

Goodbye Tex Avery-style wolves!

Moreover, members are protected from harassment because for a discussion to take place, the agreement of both parties is necessary.

4_A premium service, free, operating only via your donations

Zero advertisements.

Zero resale of your personals datas.

Zero hidden costs.

Heavn runs solely on your donations.

And given the premium quality of the application , it really deserves them.

5_A respectful French-speaking team that listen to you

Heavn is not owned by a pension fund. It is a French company that shines through its desire to always do better: for you.

If you have a question or a problem, the team’s responsiveness is… amazing!

Keen to always do better, Heavn even offers some coaching services, to help you to feel better and to present yourself in your best light. I used a similar service. It changed my life.

Conclusion :

Finally, I want to say that I recommended Heavn to my friends and to my family. I use the app regularly. I am pleased to see that she is constantly improving. I trust them. They have a good heart. They honor the high idea I have of what being a Christian is. That is to say, to be someone who fights for good, every day.

Here is their website : https://to.heavn.app/app