Spending less & eating better

Small table makes the house bigger
French proverb

Apparently the Emperor Napoléon had the reputation of not being a big eater. Good for him… But it is true that sometimes, we the humble people are legitimately VERY hungry. And sometimes, our budget can be tight… So what should we do?

In fact, since several years, eating has been a headache. The media constantly torment us with contradictory messages. Between what we should and shouldn’t eat. We get lost…

So here are 5 basics tips that might help you in this storm :

1_Sandwich bread (soft bread)

The idea:

_First, wheat has been revered since the dawn of time. Don’t listen to the nonsenses about the gluten. The wheat is the basis of the diet of the most humble.

Be careful of the economic appeal of the white bread: it does not have fibers (which risks causing you hemorrhoids).

_Then, we sometimes think that it is a product that we eat for breakfast. But in fact it can be consumed whenever you want. Look at the “ club ” (triangle) sandwiches, they are made from sandwich bread and they are ideal for lunch and dinner.

_You can put it in the toaster if you wish.
Hummm… Delicious…

_There is a real fetish around the French baguette. It is a part of the “ chic ” of the French culture. Yes. But the sandwich bread is a part of the “ chic ” of the British culture (wink). And the price is lower.

_Finally, the preservation of the sandwich bread seems to be much better than the baguette…

2_The lard

The idea:

_There are thousands of opinions about the lard. Well, at least take a look on this video : link

_The lard has more calories than the butter and is less expensive.

3_The fig jam

The fig is a sacred fruit since millennia. I know it is expensive. But if you need at least 1 fruit : go for this one.

Conclusion :

I hope those 3 simple tips will help you.

Feel free to also add condiments like salt, pepper, garlic, basil and thyme.

And if you really need to gain weight: buy sauces (like barbecue sauce).

Finally, force yourself to drink a hot drink at the end of each meal. This ritual will allow you to truly recharge your batteries.

Quincey Morris