Mummy, Daddy… I think I am possessed

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Sometimes the worst thing in the world can be a moment of lucidity
Hannibal – the TV show

Realizing that you are bewitched is not necessarily the most pleasant thing in the world… And admitting it to yourself is far from easy…

So what to do?
Let’s try not to panic and to act in a constructive way in 3 steps.

Step 1 : Buy a Badass Rosary

You must reduce the influence of the evil on you has quickly as possible.

An object that touches you can be useful. So the rosary seems appropriate. Here is one seller that I recommend.

Step 2 : reassure yourself

The evil cannot own you at 100%.
Because :

1_The eye of the heart is incorruptible.

2_You had the lucidity to see a problem. So all is not lost. On the contrary. If the evil is discovered, he is losing his greatest advantage.

3_Evil may be powerful, but there is more powerful than him.
Who ?
* Our Lady
* The Christ
* The Archangels
* The Saints
So make a list of all the people (even symbols and things) that reassure you. And who can be useful to pray.

4_Even if you have nightmares, you probably also have dreams. In these there are certainly some keys to help you. Write them down.

5_Eat some bread (male power) and cheese (female power). And drink a lot of water (purification).

Step 3 : get some help

If you know a pastor/priest that you trust : go to see her/him.
If not, go to see any good witch or good psychic.
But do not stay be alone!

Conclusion :

Your situation is not unique.
There is nothing to be ashamed of.
Recognizing the problem was the biggest step.
So Forza !

Antoine Paugam Delafraye