Superstitions & money

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In a previous post, we talked about the power of the plant called “ crassula ovata ”.

Besides, here are other tips for attracting prosperity, according to the European superstitions:

_Making your bed.

_Closing all interior doors of your home.

_Having a couple of dice with you.

_Having a couple of coins with you. Holed if possible. Because “ Metal attracts metal, money attracts money ”.

_If you find a nail on the ground, keep it (the same goes for very small coins).

_Wear the colour red to ward off the evil. But also to attract love, money and luck.
Look at the popularity of red scarves, ties and socks among men of power… Not to mention the cult of the color red in China.
The blue (especially the light blue of Our Lady) is to attract the good

_The star (or pentacle) is also a symbol that attracts prosperity and security. We sometimes see it on jewelry, logos, flags, houses, etc.

_Make a “ blessings journal ” to realize everything the Divine do for you AND over the time, you will notice that those blessings… will increase.

_Put candles and incense regularly in your home to thank the spirits of the place.
Red candle are the best in my opinion.

_Cut your nails the Thursday.

_Spray some real perfume in your car

_Place a bell on your car to scare away the evil on the road.

_Have copper on you and/or in your home (it is the metal of Venus who attracts love and luck).

_Finally, among the players, some worship the elephant (emblem of the Republicans in the USA) and put a card from the game of 54 in their wallet (one of the diamond symbol in theory).

Quincey Morris