Waking up early : the key of comfort ?

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Life belongs to those who get up early
French proverb

Are you running everywhere ? Do you need to slow down ? It must be said that the lockdowns have shaken us all. For my part, I want to devour life like never before…

But a day is only 24 hours long ! How can you flourish when work and/or obligations consume you for 7 hours (or more) per day ?

My solution? Waking up much earlier than others.
Or we can say that this way : waking up much earlier than any obligations.

And since I made this decision, I enjoy life… Way much more ! Especially between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m., compared to other times of the day. Because during “ normal ” hours there is always an emergency who comes to bother. And you are led like an ox through its ring by those bothering events.

True courage comes from 3 a.m
Napoleon Bonaparte

I don’t know exactly what the French Emperor was insinuating with this quote. Was he talking about people who have to get up at 3 a.m. to go to work ? Or decisions we make at this hour ?

For my part, it turns out that I now get up at 3 a.m. Even on my day off.
At least to take my breakfast, shaving, cleaning, doing my gym.
Then if I can, I go back to sleep.
That helped me to be calmer and happier. Really.

Obviously, this means going to bed early. But it is possible. And you can do some naps on the day (if you find the time for that…).

It’s not a question of time. It’s a question of choice
One of my math teachers

This teacher was a very strict lady. One of the most that I saw in my life. And one day, in a lobby tchat, she said this sentence to other students and me. And this sentence is still in my head… 20 years later…What a wit…

Conclusion :

This decision have been a lightning struck in my life. These early morning hours when almost nothing moves allowed me to rediscover my identity, my tastes and my well-being.

It allowed me to rebuild my body by a better nutrition and a better gym.

I highly recommend this solution.

Vlad Tepes