Change of name in France : the revolution

If you have ever tried to change your name, you should know that the procedure, in France, was very long and that it was very unlikely to succeed…

Except since the beginning of July 2022.

It is now possible to change your name once in your life. By a very simplified procedure. Look by yourself :

Basically, you take an appointment to your civil status service at your city hall.

You go to it with :
_Your national identity card and a photocopy of it.
_A proof of your address.
_A birth certificate (see the official website of the ministry for more precise details).
With these documents, you make your request. Once the steps have been taken, you plan another appointment together to meet again 1 (one) month later.
In order to confirm (or not) your name change.

If you confirm it, you will be given a sheet of paper notifying you of the decision (yes or no). If yes, you will also get three “full copy – deed of change of name”. Then, a week later, you must ask for a new birth certificate and this new document will also help you in your efforts to have your name changed wherever it is necessary.

And where should you change your name then ?

_On your national identity card and on your passport (make appointments as soon as possible for them, because the delay can be long).

_Your retirement fund

_Your driver’s license

_Family allowance fund

_Employment center

_Primary health insurance fund

_Taxes (on the public finance center)

_Your water contract

_Your electricity contract

_Your bank

_Your insurer

_Your internet service provider

_Your telephone operator

_Your lessor

_The associations and clubs of which you are a member

_Your loyalty cards

_Your mailbox

And I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone of them…

Sure, it’s a bit of work, but:

1/ It’s only once in your life.

2/ Ladies who change their name after marriage have been doing this for a long time…

What are the benefits of this positive reform ?

1_The possibility of paying homage to another part of the family. Indeed, if you only had one name, you can add another one to it

It is useful from a cultural point of view : not to make a name that is part of our European heritage to disappear.

This is helpful from a spiritual perspective : asking help from more people in heaven (a family).

2_The possibility of separating from a name

Has a parent hurt you ? Abandoned you ? Well, it can be the time to wipe the slate clean. But ask a clairvoyant what the Divine thinks of that.

3_Check the numerology first

Do you know numerology ? Basically, to do this, you have to use the Pythagorean table.


Each letter corresponds to a number. You add up all the numbers obtained via your first name + your last name. You obtain for example : 73. Which gives 7 + 3 = 10. Or 1 + 0 = 1.

Then you look if the final figure obtained is positive or not (you can find these interpretations on the internet or in books).

For my part, it gave 11 (or 2) and it was average. My new name + my first name gives 7 and that’s better (in theory).

4_To name the children if your new name is made up of two family names & if the same is true of your spouse ?

Well you can do your cooking !

Mr X AB and Mrs Y CD have a child. She/He can have the name A, AB, AC, AD, BC, BD, CA etc… Frankly it’s flexible.

Same here, it is useful from a cultural point of view (not losing a family name) and from a spiritual point of view (honoring two families and asking them for a heavier protection).

Conclusion :

Honestly, positive laws: it’s RARE!

How long will it last? Who knows !

So if you want to give it a try, go for it now.

Alpha Centauri