How to choose the right bedside tables ?

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Bedside tables come in all shapes, materials, colors, etc. But the real question is: which bedside table model is best for my interior ? A brief comparative overview of 4 types of bedside tables that we commonly see.

Model n°1 : the stool

Very popular with those who like to show off their extravagances. However, from a practical point of view, this is the worst solution.

Model n°2 : the single-drawer

More practical than the stool. Here we have a real drawer. And we have a real plateau. But we can do better.

Model no. 3 : the two-drawer

Even more practical.
Sometimes decorated with a shelf/shelf. But we can do even better.

Model n°4 : the exemplary

This is the most practical model.
A form of safe that best protects your belongings.
Prefer it wide to be able to use it best.

Where to find your future bedsides?

Good new models can be found, but they are very expensive.
Used, there are many and a little cheaper.
A word of advice, look at the “Louis Philippe” models.
They are very useful.

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