Chiappa Firearms “M9-22”

Link to the main picture : here

Official website :

Chiappa is an Italian manufacturer well known for their rifle called the “little badger”. And for their “triple crown” ( a three barrels hunting rifle) that… They do not produce anymore…

But if you are looking for a pistol who is not expensive, some dealers offer their M9-22. What to think about this weapon ?

Well, here is an official video about it from the Chiappa company :

At least they are honest by saying that this pistol looks like a Beretta…

Now, let’s see a review about this pistol :

I liked the comment of the gentleman about the rimfire ammunitions. To know more about them, take a look on the Wikipedia post about it where there is an animation here.

Well, so what can we say about this M9-22 ?
As you saw :
_It is a heavy pistol.
_It is not a real Beretta.
_And the gentleman had some little issues with it.
So I would not buy it.