Mauser “Rimfire M20”

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Mauser is the name of a famous weapon designer : Paul Mauser.
In the WWI and in the WWII rifles named “Mauser” have been used a lot.
People used to say that on the German side they used rifles called Mauser. And on the Russian side, they used rifles called Mosin-Nagant.
When it comes to Mauser, there is one pistol who is very famous : the C96.

But this was a long time ago.

Nowadays, the official website of Mauser only talk about three models of rifles. And they are for hunting.  The 98, the 12 and the 18.

But the official website do not talk about the pistol name M20. But it exists. And because he is not expensive, many dealers offered him.

I found one official video about it :

Well… And what to think about it ?
I found this review who is very relevant. Why ? Because the man on it, compares the M20 with the ATI “GSG Firelfy” and to the SIG SAUER “Mosquito” and says… That they are the same pistol. A not expensive one but a not reliable one !

So yeah, thank you Sir for those precious informations.