Ylang Dive Center : diving center in Nosy-Be

Official website : https://www.ylangdivecenter.com/
Instagram  account : https://www.instagram.com/ylang_dive_center/
Facebook account : https://www.facebook.com/ylang.divecenter
Telephone : +261 38 71 792 81
E-mail adress : ylangdivecenter@gmail.com
Adress : Ylang Dive Center Ambatoloaka Nosy Be, 207, Madagascar

“Scuba diving : a passion to share” is the motto of the Ylang Dive Center in Madagascar.

The center is located on the seafront in the heart of the tourist village of Ambatoloaka.

There, you can explore the most remote and unspoiled dive sites.

The Ylang Dive Center is a complete and charming diving center, where it is offered a wide range of PADI training, from the beginners to the experienced divers.

You will be able to find there a training pool in the heart of the center, their fast and comfortable boats, a welcoming and refined lodge etc… Everything will be done to give you an experience combining comfort and exclusivity which is unique in Madagascar.

Their PADI instructors will help you to discover the bay of Nosy Be and its neighbouring archipelagos with intimate groups of 4 divers maximum in optimal safety conditions.

If you are looking for some exclusive diving excursions on premium and less frequented sites, with a team concerned about your comfort and safety; a complete, modern and warm center, charming air-conditioned rooms with sea views… then you are in the right place!

The whole team dedicate his time and energy for the pleasure of providing to their guests the best possible experience. Whether you come for a dive, spending your entire vacations their, or just for an ice cream or a drink.

On the Ylang Dive Center, you can enjoy an unbeatable see view and sunset in a relaxing and serene atmosphere.