Taurus : award winning pistols & revolvers

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Official website of Taurus USA :  https://www.taurususa.com/
Official Instagram account of Taurus USA : https://www.instagram.com/taurususa/

Taurus… What a clever name for a brand of weapons. Why ?
1_Because the astrological sign “Taurus” is obviously linked with the bull. And this very powerful animal gave his name to the… bullets).
2_But also because the “Taurus people” are peace-seekers. Which makes the motto “Si vis pacem para bellum” very relevant for the Taurus brand & customers.

Presentation of Taurus

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Taurus produced its first revolver in 1941. Their first pistols are the PT-92 and the PT-99. In 1984 the company innovated with the “Lifetime repair policy” on its weapons.

Taurus Armas S.A own the brand “Taurus” (made in Brazil) but also “Heritage” (made in USA) and “Rossi” (made in Brazil).

According to Wikipedia (link), in 2020, 41% of all the revolvers sold in the USA were… From the Taurus brand. In 2021, it was… 61% of this market. Waow…

The brand did many famous firearm such as : the raging bull, the judge, the model 85, the SMT (a submachine gun), the TX22, the T4, the LT38SA, the Curve etc…

This brand used to be very Brazilian-like. But now their communication really insist on the fact they are very rooted in the USA. By the way their website is “taurususa.com”. And on their Instagram, you can see a lot of content who proves that this brand loves America and her values… A lot.

By the way, the company did changed a bit their logo. From right to left, now their bull goes from left to right.

What to think about Taurus ?

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Well, there are some firearms brands that are made to show off. Why ? Because their names are famous because of movies or TV shows for example.

Everybody know “Smith & Wesson”, “Beretta”, “Winchester” etc… And this play on the prices of those firearms.

Taurus is less known, for sure. But is this the ambition of this brand ?

I spoke to a friend of mine who own a Taurus pistol and he told me this :

Well, the brand is better now that it used to be.
About my G3, I would not say that this is a pistol for the shooting range. It is a pistol made to shot in a self defense situation. It is not made to aim with

Conclusion :

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Taurus is an awesome zodiac sign. And a firearms company who do the job. Because this is what the “Taurus people” are waiting for.
Keep punching Taurus.