IWI « Masada »

Link to the main picture : here

Official website : https://iwi.us/

IWI means “Israelian Weapon Industries”. As Wikipedia says, this company is famous because they have been the co-creators of the “UZI” and of the “Desert Eagle”.

One of their pistol is called the “Masada”. What Masada means ? It is a place in Israel, the famous isolated rock plateau where Herod the Great had it built two palaces and ordered to fortified the place. It is a location that the tourists appreciate a lot.

Let’s return to talk about this firearm. There is a lot of reviews about it. I selected the next one because it is fun and different :

About the way to disassemble and reassemble it (for the cleaning) there is this official video from IWI :

Cons :

_It do not exists, for now, in 22LR
_The magazine release system, bothered a bit some people

Pros :

_The pistol can have a threaded barrel
_Easy to disassemble and reassemble

Conclusion :

The majority of the reviews seems to say that this pistol is alright.