Shadow Systems « CR920X »

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Shadow Systems is an American firearms manufacturer. To be precise : a Texan company (very important precision). Many people seems to say that “Shadow Systems provide the kind of pistols Glock should have made”.
Anyway it is a premium brand. For now they make only some pistols (no revolvers and no rifles).
The way the company communicates on Youtube is a bit… Different from the others manufacturers…
So let’s talk here about one of their less expensive pistols : the CR920X. A pistol who have more rounds than the CR920 because the handle (so the magazine) is longer.

I selected two reviews about it for you :


Now let’s see how to disassemble and reassemble this pistol (I only found the video for the CR920 but it is fine) :

Cons :

_For now, it does not exist, in 22LR
_Only 15+1 rounds in the magazine (for now)

Pros :

_A premium brand
_Disassembling and reassembling it seems easy

Conclusion :

To be honest I don’t get the concept of this brand. And I have a problem with the way they communicate.