Romain Carrière: anti-aggression coach





Telegram: Anti-Agression Coach

Romain Carrière offers rapid training to avoid the dramatic consequences of an attack.

His courses & training are for all audiences, from 13 years old.

During his 3-hour training courses he offers simple, practical and realistic learnings.

The learners are put in a situation of aggression, under stress, filmed (if they wish) and everything will then be the subject of a debrief.

During these simulations, learners can strike at 100% of their power on Sir Carrière because he is equipped with some professional protections.

Sir Carrière offers several packages to cover as many eventualities as possible:

_Package : anti verbal and physical aggression.

_Package : anti-verbal and physical aggression level 2.

_Package : anti-armed aggression.

_Package : armed anti-aggression level 2.

_Package : anti-aggression on the ground.

_Package : multiple anti-aggression.

_Customized packages….

During his formations, all the elements are brought together to get as close as possible to the reality of an attack (who are often very brutal and sudden).

The objective of those trainings are to learn:

1_the importance of managing emotions


2_the domination of fear.

These courses will help you to gain self-confidence and confidence.

Sir Carrière can work for companies (interventions supported by OPCOs), schools, associations and groups of individuals.

Do not hesitate to contact him.

Prevention is better than cure.

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