The Fifth Element (1997)

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Cons :

_Some details

Pros :

_Humor, action, subtle messages.

_A charming love story.

_A pleasant optimistic atmosphere (but perhaps a little bit naive…).

_A positive vision of the Sacred Feminine with Leeloo or the Diva.

_A soundtrack by Éric Serra who is tip top.

_The character of Korben Dallas (played by Bruce Willis) is a hero without illusions. A simple soldier who doesn’t consider himself as a role model.
By the way, the actor knows a little about psychology since he played a psychologist in the excellent “Color of Night” (1994). He clearly did not wanted to look like a superhero.
Moreover, the protagonist’s problematic relationship with his mother demonstrates that he is a more mature character than he seems.

Conclusion :

A good movie for a Sunday evening.

Chev Chelios