“Psychic Self-Defense” By Dion Fortune (1930)

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Dion Fortune was a Christian clairvoyant who notably worked with the British army during the Second World War. To find out more about her, you can consult her Wikipedia profile : here

She have been the victim of some manipulations and psychic attacks (so she knew the matter). Her testimonies and teachings are precious.

Cons :

_I read the French translation… And it was sometimes laborious.

_What is missing is a clear list of all the weapons in our possession (which I will try to list for you next).

Neutrals :

_The book does not appear to be available in paper format in France. Which can be annoying for the people who have some difficulties to read on a screen. The cheapest French version seems to be on Kobo : here

_The book is from 1930. So some words are a bit characteristic of the time.

Pros :

_The book explains the close links between esotericism and psychoanalysis. According to Dion Fortune, these two practices could be used to improve our mental health. According to me, only faith can do that…

_Dion Fortune emphasizes the importance of using our imagination for positive and constructive purposes (why not imagining a Divine very rock’n’roll so ?). If she had lived in our time, she would undoubtedly be rebel against the medias that manipulate us and ruin our lives.

_The book only talks about chakras once. What a joy ! The author also separates Eastern and Western magical practices. Interesting. She even say that what works in the East does not work in the West.

_According to Dion Fortune, we have the power to create beings of light, intelligent and independent. And to give them missions. Waow !

_The author speaks of the power of Our Lady, Christ and the Archangels.

_“Self-hypnosis through a symbol (…) acts like a door to the invisible. Depending on the symbol chosen, this will be the section of the invisible to which we access. The trained initiate therefore does not wander in the astral like a restless ghost, but comes and goes through well-known corridors”.

The symbols she recommends seem to be the Cross, the Pentacle and the Ankh. I will add the Kolovrat symbol (Slavic).

_She explains that water purifies the soul. And that salt purifies the body. For example via this prayer: “Grant that this salt restores health to the body and this water restores health to the soul”. Salt water can also be a powerful tool in rituals. She also advises the consumption of garlic.

_ »The best way to cut the connection [with the evil] is to forge a magic weapon and use it to cut this connection. » Sword, hook (Isis had one), racket (like the Ankh), axe etc… can be useful. Without forgetting other weapons such as balls of light, lightning (from the stars), fire (from the center of the earth), vortices, glass domes, eyes against the evil eye (like the one on the Dollar bill) etc…

_Faced with the torments that evil inflicts on us, Dion Fortune (she too) insists on the importance of “anchoring”. When faced with doubt, you have to have confidence / faith. In particular, have faith in the supreme laws of the universe. And, in my opinion, in powerful words that are close to our hearts and that reassure us.

_The author explains the existence of an occult police force. “I believe that it is possible for anyone who needs it to establish telepathic contact with this occult police. The symbol I was taught to use is a black Calvary cross with a circle on a scarlet background.”

_It also indicates the existence of a special category of angels : the Watchers. Which can be invoked against evil magic. The word watcher seems to have inspired the artwork of “Watchmen”.

_Dion Fortune explains that churches are a useful places to stop a psychic attack. I think the same is true for cemeteries. I would also add to go every Sunday to the church. Not to hear the cr*ps of the priest, but to feel better.

Conclusion :

A useful book for regaining self-confidence / faith.

Let us not allow ourselves to be hypnotized by evil. Let us be fascinated by our accomplishments and our potentials.

A little personal anecdote : once I accompanied a public figure outdoors. As we were about to be attacked, this celebrity looked me in the eyes (as if to convince me) and told me “I’m not afraid”…

She knew the power of autosuggestion…

By the way, I did a review of the book on this video below (it is in French) :


Antoine Paugam Delafraye