Being psychorigid : such a noble quality

Have you ever noticed that the celebrations of each end of the year are the ideal time, chosen by your “close ones” on the “port side”, to… Shower you with unpleasant remarks ?

Indeed, “those who know everything better than everyone else” take some petty advantage of your kindness in participating in family and/or urbane obligations to ruin your life and call into question your principles and values that you cherish tenderly.

We might as well be clear : this is some assault.

You live your life, without bothering anyone, and then ? Someone comes upon you to mock you.

The worst thing is that behind all these attacks, these nonsenses, is that there is a crazy hypocrisy. What you are being criticized for ? In fact, it is because you are on the “starboard” side and not the “port” side. That you stand for greatness and against decadence.

The “weathervane” mentality that they promote… However, has its limits… In fact, these promoters… are not really that much of a weather vane. They are not really against the order. They are against a certain order. The one that doesn’t go in their way !

Having principles, morality, righteousness, being in favor of rigor, discipline, etc… All this does not suit them.

Are they jealous of your sense of honour ? The courageous sacrifices that you have managed to make ? No one knows their motives, but we just see that these people are hyper-toxic.

These people who put “the trend”, money and titles before the salvation of their soul… Love to lecture you.

So, even if it’s unpleasant to be seen as the bad guy, take a healthy distance from these people…

And we would really like to tell them:

“Yes, I am psychorigid. But you are psychotic and you don’t admit it to yourself.
Yes, I am proud of “my broom up my ass”. But he at least it allows me to stand up straight.
I have values. And with them I will present myself in front of my judges in the afterlife .”

Alpha Centauri