« Route du rhum 2022 » : some pictures from the departure

On the occasion of the departure of the 2022 Rum Route, from Saint-Malo, navigator Philippe Poupon is at the helm of Miss Florence Arthaud’s last boat.

Florence Arthaud, who tragically died in a helicopter accident in 2015, made sailing history, notably by winning the Route du rhum in 1990.

To pay a tribute to her, Philippe Poupon and his friends rehabilitated her last boat and named it “FLO” in homage to the sailor lady. And they kept the original colours of the ship (gold colour).

As the trimaran was about to leave the port of Saint-Malo today, this November 8, 2022, a rainbow appeared. As if the sailor was sending a sign to her admirers.

Attached are the photos from our special correspondent.


Now, here are the pictures of the starting. Taken by our same special correspondent. And trust us, this was very dangerous :

Alpha Centauri