Miracle : The chapel of Saint-Michel de Brasparts untouched by the fire

It is a picture worthy of “the Lord of the Rings” movies… In the distance, we see a land that looks like Mordor… Ravaged. Black. Still smoking. And we discover a place spared by the flames. A chapel. Spared… by a very small margin. The terrible fire really didn’t go far.

This photo have been took the 19th of july 2022.

It shows is the chapel of Saint-Michel de Brasparts chapel untouched by the fire.
This chapel is in the Arrée mountains (Finistère – Brittany – France].

A true miracle.

Thank you to the photographer, Mr. Vincent Michel (you can’t make this up), for this extraordinary shot which will go down in History.

Another proof of the power of the Archangel Saint-Michel (or Saint Michael).

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Hail Mary

Chev Chelios