Grand Power « CP22 »

Link to the main picture : here

Official website :

“Grand Power” is a Slovak firearms manufacturer. They are known for their pistol called the K100.
They offered 7 pistols in 22LR (waow). So let’s study the most nice looking (in my opinion) : the CP22.

But… I found few videos about it… So here are the most interesting that I found :

Cons :

_I am not a fan of the foot of the magazine
_Serrations on the front of the slide could have been useful

Neutral :

_Double action
_Linked with the KelTec P11 (who is no more made)
_Easy to disassemble… But for reassembling it, it seems a bit more hard (as the third video shows us on the second pistol)

Pros :

_Can have a threaded barrel
_I like how the release button of the magazine is placed

Conclusion :

It looks like a tough pistol.


Post scriptum : go on their Facebook page. They have some nice pictures of ladies with their weapons.