The Shadow (1994)

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Cons :

_A grotesque villain.
_A fairly simplistic story.
_Themes are sketched. Nothing more.
_The character is based on Dracula then on Mandrake and was then one of the basis for the character of Batman.
Moreover, the film “Batman Begins” (2005) and the film “Doctor Strange” (2016) use the same beginning… That is to say that of a character who would have learned all his knowledge… From Asia… The problem is that this teaches nothing to the… « Western » public about his own identity.
WORST about the psychic self-defense, you will find NOTHING useful in this movie. Weapons such as : the Ankh, the eye of Horus, the Pentacle, the Cross etc… Nothing !
There is only some clues like :
*The temple which has the shape of a cobra [symbol linked to Bastet (Isis) and Shiva (Hindu god of destruction)].
*The hotel called “Monolith” (which would correspond to “menhir”?).
*The nightclub called the “Cobalt club”.
Good luck…
_The libertarian spirit of the character is not shown. Just a bit his patriotism, that’s it.

Pros :

_Exceptional “Art Deco” style sets and costumes.
_Notice the superhero’s red scarf : the red colour being considered a colour that wards off evil & which attracts luck and power. The fact that he wears the black and red colours make him looks like a vampire. With more firepower [like in Underworld (2003)]. Noice.
_A superb soundtrack. She gave some of its basis to the music of “Batman Begins” (2005). Enjoy !
_The father of the lady is called “Reinhardt” which means “fox”. And the character is also based on Zorro which means “fox” in Spanish. And in “Batman begins” you find a character called… Lucius Fox… Coincidence ?
_The performances of Alec Baldwin, Tim Curry and other actors are quite interesting. Not to mention the dazzling Penelope Ann Miller.

Conclusion :

A movie that could have been legendary, but which remains entertaining.
Good enough for a Saturday evening.

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