Saint Johnny Hallyday

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At first glance, it may seem surprising to say that the singer Johnny Hallyday deserves to bear the title of a Saint.

The reproaches, the criticisms, there are others besides me who will be responsible for listing them for you.

For my part, I have never met Johnny or his family, but I would like to present several points to you which deserve to make us ask the question : is now Johnny Hallyday a Saint ?

1_Well-ordered charity begins with oneself

He made a lot of money. But he spent a lot too.

And nothing here about any disgusting suspicions as with our politicians (see the documentary by Karl Zéro “1 sur 5”). Furthermore, making money is not a sin in itself. And poverty is far from being a blessing, right ?

Taxes weren’t his thing. At the same time, when we see in which pockets our money goes. And how it’s spent… We cannot really blame him. In addition our magazine is libertarian. And libertarians aren’t big fans of taxes in general.

2_A Gaul

He showed that France had good looks. Like a modern Brennos or Vercingetorix, Johnny showed that the Kelts were not dead. And his Belgian origins do not go against this because the Belgians were Kelts.

We can also say that Johnny was more the Father of our Nation than all the politicians of his time.

3_A living legend

You can spend millions to create a celebrity. But it is impossible to explain the Johnny-mania rationally. When we see the hysteria, the passion, the madness that Johnny’s person has aroused, we can sincerely ask ourselves questions…
No one forced these millions of people to go crazy of admiration for this man. Today, there are plenty of celebrities, but I can’t think of one who have changed the lives of so many people… Except perhaps Christ himself…

4_A Christian among the bikers

In the world of bikers : he dared to affirm his Faith. Certainly with a crucifix of Jesus carrying a guitar, but still. Besides, I am convinced that Jesus was rock’n roll. If you read “Luke 22:36” you will see that he was not a hippie. This verse is also the basis of the second American amendment.

As little as I know about the biker world, there are a lot of Nordic pagans and unfortunately also Luciferians. But as Alice Cooper says, “the real rebel is the Christian.”

Johnny highlighted the eagle emblem. Animal consecrated in the Bible but also thousands of years before.

You see it yourself : like Father Guy Gilbert, Johnny showed that you could be Christian and rock ’n’ roll.

5_Great respect for the Madonna

Johnny actually made a song and a clip about Saint Mary.

Which pop singer had the courage to do this ?

Conclusion :

I think like the other Saints, Johnny was a colourful character.
No doubt imperfect.
But like Rasputin, he showed that you could be a Christian and be rock ‘n’ roll.

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