“L’Enrubannée” : the revival of the French medieval genius

Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/enrubannee/ 

Few modern creations are a matter of genius or of a divine trait. But this is the case here. Under the artist name “L’Enrubannée” we find Julie. And it is under this name that she created a totally atypical creation… And brilliant. Great because simple, elegant, timeless and poetic. In short, brilliant.

What is it about ? This is her belt named:  » Adoublée  » . She will explains more on her interview below.

OJL : Hello Miss Benchadi -Mouchet.
Julie : Hello.

OJL : Can you tell us more about yourself ?
Julie : I’m thirty years old , I am a Catholic and I am Gothic (because yes, both are entirely possible !). I am a full-time librarian, and in my spare time, I like to create with my ten fingers. “ L’Enrubannée ” was born from this desire.

OJL : “ L’Enrubanée “ is a pseudonym and also a concept, isn’t it ?
Julie : Rather a concept which took this name which describes it so well. This one appeared to me naturally one day, a braid in my hands, dismayed at not being able to sew it as I wished on an old dress: I said to myself “ But let’s make a belt out of it ! ”. If I immediately visualized the model in mind, I needed to rely on existing models, and preferably inspired by history.
At the same time, the logo came naturally to me, and one of my friends designed it for me. Thank you again Charlotte !

OJL : It is indeed a strong feeling of history that is felt at the first sight of your creations. And this is how your flagship model was born ?
Julie : The “ Adoublée ” belt is the first born. A medieval-inspired belt, which is doubled around the waist, tied and let fall at the front. Note the play on words with dubbing. I also have other models, as well as matching bows, but I mainly work on this format.

This belt has an important place in my life. Through it I express my interest in history & elegance.

OJL : The taste you demonstrate is indeed admirable. Where did your inspirations come from ? Traditional costumes ? From what eras ? Historical figures ?
Julie : I always have a particular clothing style, which serves as a means of expression. If I mainly wear black, a few colorful exceptions cannot be excluded, especially if they have a particular inspiration to me. For my belts, I wanted to rely on something tangible: history. I don’t have a precise name to give, but I consulted a lot of medieval engravings, tales or even museums on the theme to find this famous belt, mainly feminine, yet not very far from the ecclesiastical belt tied at the front.

Obviously, it differs from the main representations: we easily find two types of belts at the time. A belt at the waist, to mark the face, and a falling belt which serves as a support for accessories (mainly crosses or rosaries) or purses. I simply decided to combine the two. A band that defines the waist, another lower one that ties.

OJL : What are the other specific features of this belt?
Julie : I offer it in different models, depending on the braids that I like, always in a Gothic or medieval style, or on the orders that I am given. Made from Nantes or from Germany, the braids are of approximately 2.30 meters, lined with double thickness satin and decorated with charms sewn at seven points (like the seven days of creation), blessed with a candle by a prayer.

OJL : This is all very good. And what a great idea this blessing is. Do you think this belt can be used for a wedding suit ?
Julie : My belts can perfectly serve as an accessory for a wedding. Maybe even to match the two brides and grooms with a prayer ?

My next collection, if not designed in this way, could very well lend itself to it, available in ecru and gold tones.

I have also already presented a first collaboration with my partner, Quentin Foureau, storyteller : Siegfried’s belt. Who comes with the framed legend. A four-handed work.

OJL : Who are your favorite Saints ?
Julie : The subject is vast ! If I regularly pray to the Virgin Mary, the Mother of us all, I am touched by the saint who is the first name I bear. Saint Julie, martyr of Corsica. Perhaps my instinct for sacrifice… Or the fact of always putting others before myself… I don’t know.

I also have a lot of affection for Joan of Arc. Her journey, her strength. Her unwavering faith. And her times.

OJL : Sincerely congratulations for your works. Continue ! May Our Lady protects you.
Julie : Thank you.

Quincey Morris