3 watches for 1 man

Link to the main picture : here

Appearance is everything. Shoes like watches are some very powerful markers to define yourself and to express yourself to others.
Here are my tips on 3 types of watches for 3 types of situations.

1_The all-terrain watch

Whether you are a soldier, a worker or a dad : a man’s life is made up of unforeseen events.
So you need a sturdy watch that can assist you in all the situations.
This is why I recommend a watch entirely covered in silicone like this one :

I chose this model because it is cheaper and more beautiful than a G-shock.
I’ve already had two and I recommend it.
Link to Amazon.com : here

2_The weekend watch

I don’t know about you, but I dress a certain way when I work. And another when I have some time for myself.
Well, in my opinion, you should do the same with your watch.
Which really allows you to take a break from work.
In my opinion, a white Ice-Watch is perfect for this. Like the previous one, the silicone protects it as much as possible (as the previous one). And the white color looks very “summer” like.

We can easily imagine having it on our wrist with a glass in hand (white wine/ pastis or even champagne for example) or with a cigar. #happiness
The link to Amazon.fr : here

In my case, my weekend watch did not have a white strap.
So I picked this one up and I’m really happy with it.

3_The wedding watch

Just as a white shirt is necessary at a wedding, a beautiful watch is recommended too for this kind of event.
I chose this model because it’s reminiscent of Breitling (but doesn’t cost the price of one).

Link to Amazon.com : here
Well… The dial is a bit massive. But above all Be careful : the bracelet is VOID. I replaced it with a Hilfiger bracelet… Which is not awesome too…

Hoping to have given you some ideas.

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