“Classic dictionary of French quotes, maxims, sayings and proverbs” by Julien Droguat

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_My book indicated “illustrated” but had no illustrations…

_A few famous quotes might have deserved to be included.

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Here are some pearls… See by yourself:

_There are more dead than living and it is the dead who rule the living. Auguste Comte

_Vice flees where there is no weakness. Voltaire

_Tolerance is the virtue of the weak. Sade

_And he who forgives crime becomes its accomplice. Voltaire

_There are four kinds of people in the world: lovers, ambitious, observers and fools. Taine

_When in doubt, you must choose to be faithful. Mauriac

_Men are the machines of Providence. Voltaire

_The gentlest one always has claws on its paw. Florian

_He who knows how to possess himself can command the world. Voltaire

_Everything eventually yields to perseverance. Rigaud

_Prayer is the trembling sister of love. Victor Hugo

_Let us never show a soul that is too sensitive. Lebrun

_Fate may well separate us, but never disunite us. Rousseau

_There is cleanliness and elegance in sobriety. Joseph Joubert

_Wild animals are all solitary. Buffon

_The more serious the face, the more beautiful the smile. Chateaubriand

_Temperance seasons pleasure. Rigault

_When temptation comes, stand before God in the truth whatever it costs you, and you will find that, when the attack is repelled, you will have higher and purer desires than before. Pascal

_Overcoming oneself belongs to heroes. Lombard of Langres

_Indulgence in vice is a conspiracy against virtue. Barthélémy

_Man is born with his vices. He acquires his virtues. Jules Renard

_My heart abandons itself to this hope. Madame de Sévigné

_You are missing only one being, and everything is depopulated. Lamartine

_Often we regret the absence of all goods, hope alone does not leave us. Perrault

_His arms, in our farewells, could not leave me. Racine

_It’s nothing. Henry IV after the fatal stabbing of Ravaillac

_One’s job is to advise others, who sees nothing in his own affairs. La Fontaine

_Each age has its pleasures, its spirit and its morals. Boileau

_Help yourself and heaven will help you. La Fontaine

_Only discreet people know how to love. Voltaire

_Ambition never sees its wishes fulfilled, this is the barrel of the Danaids. Lebrun

_Ambition often leads to madness. Stassart

_The ambitious and the greedy languish in extreme poverty. La Bruyère

_Ambition leads men to the precipice. Fénélon

_True love is shy and discreet; he needs to be guessed. Du Tremblay

_Love me a little but keep going.

_What we learn in the cradle lasts until the grave.

_We can only rely on what resists. Arnault

_The language of fools is arrogant. Voltaire

_We are always the architects of our disgraces. Voltaire

_When avarice sets itself a goal, it ceases to be a vice, it is the means of a virtue. Balzac

_From the past we know the future.

_Astrologer talks about the future, but does not make it come.

_Who graps all, looses.

_In April don’t undress, in May go on.

_The nymphs, through innocent banter, played in the forests. Buffon

_Too much scratching cooked, too much talking harms.

_Good books create good morals.

_To live happy, live hidden. Florian

_Do not limit your glory to singing in a choir. Boileau

_Hope is the philosopher’s compass. Condillac

_What shines has always offended the vulgar. Stassart

_Calm, among kings, as well as on the waves, is always close to the storm. Jauffret

_The caprice of children is the work of bad discipline. Rousseau

_Every man has three characters: the one he has, the one he shows, and the one he believes he has. Alphonse Karr (this sentence corresponds to the fact that the Japanese believe that man wears 3 masks).

_You must have an equal character; without too much excitement, without any impatience, take the good, and bear the bad, compensate them in the same balance. Du Tremblay

_There is no cure for my sorrow. Madame de Sévigné

_Have one eye on the field and the other on the city (be vigilant).

_Owing a proud candle (when one had been saved from danger, it was customary to burn a candle to thank Heaven for its protection).

_Well-ordered charity begins with oneself (you must first think of yourself).

_Hunting is, as we know, the image of war. Nivernais

_The ear is the path to the heart. Voltaire

_A beautiful path is never long.

_We have never seen a goat die of starvation.

_Who loves me, loves my dog.

_Only old dogs hunt.

_All things came out of nothing. Pascal

_The genius of our language is clarity and elegance. Voltaire

_The heart has its reasons that reason does not know. Pascal

_The heart leads where it goes.

_Trade is a war made with money. Colbert

_Your misfortunes increase my misery. Voltaire

_We understand each other half-heartedly. Madame de Sévigné

_Trust is the mother of disappointment.

_Getting to know yourself is the first step. La Fontaine

_Know yourself, and you will know the universe and the gods (precept of the Greek philosophers).

_Nothing is given so liberally as his advice. La Rochefoucauld

_Small spark creates big fire.

_When in danger, we know the brave.

_Hope and fear are inseparable, and there is no fear without hope and no hope without fear. La Rochefoucauld

_To save your credit, you have to hide your loss. La Fontaine

_It is easier to demolish than to build.

_Cold blood is a great advantage. Haumont

_In all existences, we note a date when destiny bifurcates, either towards catastrophe or towards success. La Rochefoucauld

_We only triumph over slander by disdaining it. Madame de Maintenon

_Run away from an enemy who knows your fault. Corneille

_Knowing your faults is a real virtue. Nivernais

_Distrust is the mother of safety.

_Pride is never better disguised than when it hides under the guise of humility. La Rochefoucauld

_Virtue grows on despair.

_God punishes man for his faults by letting him live. Xavier Forneret

_It is better to address the Lord than his saints.

_True dignity, is in the heart, and not on the face. Formage

_Diplomacy is the police in full costume. Napoleon 1st

_To deliberate, as soon as a people assemble, discord always presides over its debates. Jauffret

_Men’s speeches are only masks that they apply to their actions. Stendhal

_Knowing how to conceal is the knowledge of kings. Richelieu

_The cousins rarely sympathize with each other, and brothers are too often divided for nothing. Neufchâteau

_Taste is a very rare gift. Voltaire

_Big pains are silent.

_Writing is almost always lying. Jules Renard

_Our real enemies are within ourselves. Bossuet

_Stubbornness represents character, much as temperament represents Love. Chamfort

_The thorn protects the rose, and the sting defends the honey. Neufchâteau

_Only those who do nothing never make a mistake.

_We can’t imagine how much wit it takes to never be ridiculous. Chamfort

_Knowledge and the mind do not always ride in a golden sedan. Gosse

_Regulate your passions, flee intemperance, this is the way to be esteemed. Agniel

_Big events come from small causes.

_Smell the faggot (being suspected of heresy. Allusion to the torture of fire inflicted on heretics).

_A fool thus abuses someone who makes himself too good. Lenoble

_Too much favor is not good.

_The most beautiful woman can only give what she has.

_A very beautiful woman is rough and rebellious.

_There is only one son that one is not jealous of.

_Great flatteries are silent. Paul Valery

_There is only faith that saves.

_He who lives without folly is not as wise as he thinks. La Rochefoucauld

_It’s madness to sow roses to swine.

_Meat and drink are the perdition of the house.

_Big dear, little testament.

_Fat cuisine, meager testament.

_Beware of the first movement, he is always generous. Talleyrand

_Sensitive to the services received

_A generous spirit pays them with usury. Lenoble

_Men of genius are meteors destined to burn to enlighten their century. Napoleon 1st

_You have to listen a lot and speak a little to act well in the government of a state. Richelieu

_Man is a sociable animal who hates his fellow human beings. Eugène Delacroix

_He who cannot conceal cannot reign.

_Private thieves are in the galleys, and public thieves are in the palaces.

_We are swimming in uncertainty. Voltaire

_The crude heart of prosperity cannot understand the delicate feelings of misfortune. Chateaubriand

_Good times and good life, father and mother forget.

_Indifference makes wise men and insensitivity makes monsters. Diderot

_Instinct never leads astray. Nivernais

_We only listen to instincts that are ours, and only believe evil when it has come. La Fontaine

_We prefer our own to the interests of others. Formage

_Rural minds are often jealous. La Fontaine

_Legs allow men to walk and women to make their way. Alphonse Allais

_It is fasting that makes a saint, and sobriety a man of good sense. Jules Renard

_July must roast what September will ripen.

_Sunny July fills cellar and attic.

_We are born in the middle of a labyrinth. Condillac

_How much harm the tongue causes us ! La Fontaine

_The wise man rests on the root of his tongue, and the fool flutters on the tip of his.

_It is better to bite your tongue before speaking than after speaking.

_The tongue is the falsest witness of the heart.

_The shine of our laurels is not worth what it costs. Neufchâteau

_The hare always returns to its shelter.

_If hares had guns, we would kill fewer of them.

_The moon announces rain by its paleness, by its redness the wind, and by its whiteness serenity.

_A good marriage would be that of a blind woman and a deaf man. Montaigne

_The bed is the whole marriage. Balzac

_More deaths, fewer enemies.

_Few maxims are true in every respect. Vauvenargues

_Distrust is the mother of safety. La Fontaine

_He who has almost been shipwreck fears even the calm waters.

_Who sings of his infortunes, makes his friends go away.

_The most beautiful thing about good deeds is wanting to hide them. Pascal

_Sheep are the quadrupeds with the least instinct. Buffon

_The sheep flock together, but the lions isolate himself. Rivarol

_Let’s never follow the first movement, neither love nor hatred. Lebrun

_We only make one imprudence in our life, but it is a big one : being born. Clémenceau

_Nature has the secret of happiness, and no one has been able to take it away from her. George Sand

_“Yes” and “no” are the shortest and easiest words to pronounce and those that require the most consideration. Talleyrand

_The night (The Moon) gives advices.

_The man in the shadows is the happy man. Nivernais

_Let’s prefer our darkness to the dangerous honor of governing men. Stassart

_When the opportunity arises, you have to grab her by the hair, otherwise, the fickle goddess is only a brilliant flash that fascinates our eyes. Coupe de Saint-Donat

_The eyes were always the doors of love. Lenoble

_Pride goes before falls. The Bible.

_Peace makes people happier and men weaker. Vauvenargues

_Between two ambitious hearts, worried, mutinous, envious, peace cannot be lasting. Lebrun

_Speech was given to us to disguise our thoughts. Talleyrand

_Looking to the past, is looking to the future. Boileau

_Patience and length of time are more than strength or rage. La Fontaine

_Patience overcomes everything. Du Tremblay

_A man’s wisdom is known by his patience.

_A fool is arrogant, a scholar is timid. Coupé de Saint-Donat

_Perseverance overcomes everything.

_Step by step we go very far.

_We often lose everything by wanting too much.

_The reason of the little ones seems an outrage to the big ones. Neufchateau

_The plowman finds his pharmacy in his guerets. Bernardin of Saint-Pierre

_The most innocent are the sweetest pleasures. Lebrun

_High politics is just common sense applied to big things. Napoleon 1st

_You should always keep a pear for thirst.

_Every man, if he is not dazed, must think of winter, when he is in summer. Perrault

_I don’t know what principles are, except rules that we prescribe to others for ourselves. Diderot

_No one is a prophet at home. La Fontaine

_Cleanliness embellishes opulence and disguises poverty. Rivarol

_In this world, it is too dangerous to be right. Voltaire

_Fantasy rules over reason.

_To reap you must have sown. Lebrun

_Reflection and youth do not easily combine. Nivernais

_Ridiculousness does not exist. Those who dared to defy him in the face conquered the world. Mirabeau

_There are no roses without thorns.

_There is no virtue without sacrifice. Bossuet

_The best health is not feeling your health. Jules Renard

_He who has no health has nothing; who has health has everything.

_Too much and too little education dulls the mind. Pascal

_Understanding comes with age. Voltaire

_Great captains write their actions simply. Montesquieu

_It is not a fault to be too sincere. But sometimes it’s a misfortune. Lebrun

_A smile does not always a good omen. Jauffret

_By the fingernails, we know the lion.

_People without noise are dangerous; it is not so with others. La Fontaine

_You have to take time as it comes, people for who they are, and money for what it’s worth.

_There is no secret that time does not reveal.

_Wealth is good. But peace is better. Ginguené

_Work keeps three great evils away from us : boredom, vice and need. Voltaire

_To the highest throne in the world, if we only sit on our back. Montaigne

_It is often a misfortune to be too useful. Lamotte

_Utility is better than extreme elegance. De La Broutaye

_Revenge is a dish best served cold.

_Truth breeds hatred.

_Virtue is degraded by justifying itself. Voltaire

_The hell of women is old age. La Rochefoucauld

_Old woman gets nothing more. Florian

_The sweetest harmony is the sound of the voice of the one you love. La Bruyère

_A poor person steals from you, we hang him. But for the rich, it’s different : watch out for items that suit them! Because they keep everything they take. Stassart

Conclusion :

An essential book to mature.

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