Lacruz : boxing brand for Christians

As I speak to you, I am still figuring out which brand I will choose for my next sports shoes.

New Balance ? Reebok ? Asics ? I do not know yet…

Frankly, when we see the extent to which certain brands have betrayed the values of their customers (especially the Christian values), there is frankly some reasons to ask some questions before giving your money to these lawless industries.

And last night, while I was chilling, I came across an image on two politicians who decided to settle a dispute… via an MMA fight !

Here it is :

Link to the original picture on :

And when I looked at the image again, I saw that both politicians were wearing the same shorts. Some shorts with a cross as a logo. And whose name is Lacruz.

So I did my little research. And here is the Lacruz website:

And here is their Instagram account:

Lacruz is a Brazilian brand (and proud of it). Specialized in boxing (especially Jiu-Jitsu).

But above all, its logo is a cross (a little Gothic) which is quite incredible. I had never seen this.

Some of their visuals, moreover, remind me a little of the work of our late Christian Audigier.

On Instagram, in their hashtags, I also came across #chicano. And do you know the Chicano culture? The Chicano culture is a culture that I particularly appreciate. These are often black and white drawings mixing Christian, Aztec, Gothic and gangster symbols ! These compositions are quite popular in the tattoo world.

So, yes, this brand, Lacruz, really has a lot of character.

I invite you to take a close look on it.

Vlad Tepes