How to look sexy in khaki ?

Do you know the #militarychic and #armychic styles ?

I discovered the existence of these styles thanks to the brand : AEP + whose Instagram account is here :

Then I realized that the “Aeronautica Militare” brand was already on this market.
Their website :
Their Instagram account :

Which led me to think : “We have the right to love the colour olive and also to love being chic ! ». Paradoxally, for a long time I noticed that this military colour had been monopolized… By the anti-militarists !

So the question is I how can we wear this colour and look classy ?

For men

Men like khaki but they don’t necessarily want to be asked if they did their military service every time they wear such a piece.

This is why the majority of men of taste use the olive colour only for their t-shirts.
Like some plain t-shirts. Worn by many professions but also by men in their leisure time or at home. You can find this kind of t-shirts of this style at Decathlon in the hunting section, often on the “Solognac” brand.

Link to the picture : here

For women

Women of taste can wear this colour for their mini shorts.

Link to the picture : here

Ladies can also wear this colour on their jumpsuits.

Link to the picture : here

As an accessory

The khaki tote bag seems to be a very interesting piece.
_We can get it dirty.
_A little trendy.
_A bit biting.

Conclusion :

For men, khaki is an opportunity to awaken the soldier in them.
For ladies, khaki is another weapon for the “Femme Fatale”.
This colour shows that you can have character and be attractive at the same time.
So “Khaki is the new black” ?

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