“Cogan – killing them softly” (2012)

Imdb page of the movie : here

Trailer :

Cons :

_A little bit too long. A little slow. No soundtrack. Don’t expect a « mainstream » film. It is practically an arthouse film.

_A film that shows some problems but no solutions… Shame.

_A serious film which nevertheless fails to show all the horror of real banditry. We remain in watered-down fiction around a very simple story.

Pros :

_A 5-star cast: Brad Pitt, Ray Liotta, James Gandolfini and Vincent Curatola (both pillars of the TV show “The Sopranos”).

_A non-idealized vision of the life of gangsters and their worries. It should be noted that Ray Liotta, the legendary “Goodfella”, plays a much less amusing mafia role in this work than in his previous appearances in this genre.

_Same for the USA. In this film, we are very far from the “American dream”. Moreover, the film asserts its cynicism (especially in the last scene – which uses the word).

_Good messages against drugs, alcoholism and prostitution.

_The costumes are sober but effective.

_The role of the lawyer in large mafia organizations is well presented.

_12 years after “Snatch” (2000) Brad Pitt, in this film, no longer plays a crazy gypsy but a cold killer with wolf magnetism – the emblem of the wolf which will be associated with him in a scene on “Once upon a time in Hollywood” (2019).

Conclusion :

The film is especially worth remembering for this sentence of Brad Pitt : “America is not a country… It’s just business ”.

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