The black dress shirt : where, when and how to wear it ?

Keeping the classy side of the shirt, while clearly expressing your mood: that’s the idea behind the concept of the black shirt. Let’s see together how it can be declined.

A priest’s garment

Shouldn’t we forget it.

A gangster clothing

The black shirt is a macho accessory. A men’s shirt in a man’s world. It’s a mafia shirt. It is a piece of uniform that we often see used in the private sector and/or in manly affairs.

A vampire outfit

With a black velvet blazer : it’s a “must-have” in your gothic wardrobe.

An outfit for going out

The black shirt, with white pants, is an interesting combination for a night at the nightclub, like in this first scene from “Die Hard 5” :

A rock garment

Classier than a black t-shirt, Lemmy Kilmister approved the black shirt as a garment in its own right in the rock pantheon. We have also seen it worn by many people in the world of entertainment in general.

Conclusion :

Tiger clothing (emblem of Tony Montana and Tony Soprano). A classy angry man’s outfit. Essential in the wardrobe of any self-respecting man.

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