The sky blue dress shirt : where, when and how to wear it ?

You may have noticed that the sky blue shirt have been the “hit” of the summer 2022. Let’s take a look back together at this legendary piece of men wardrobes.

A Marian garment

Indeed, sky blue is the colour of Saint Mary. And wearing a light blue shirt is a Marian symbol. During your religious events (pilgrimage, services, pardons, masses etc…) but also in your daily life, this allows you to say that the Madonna is in your heart.

A uniform outfit

Businessmen, politicians, police officers and classic workers : it is often used on uniforms.
Anecdote : on a birthday, I noticed a couple who each wore this shirt, it gave a very strong “business” side to their family.
But it was a bit different in the USA, where the distinction between “white collar” (bosses) and “blue collar” (workers) was a strong social marker. It is now a bit different. About it, take a look at James Gandolfini often wore in the TV show “The Sopranos”. He also wore it in this advertisement :

A cool garment

Whether worn with a white trouser, shorts, cargo pants, etc. It remains magnificent. Both serious and relaxed. In the evening, it is the ideal tool to start a conversation while maintaining a certain style.

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