Marie Antoinette (2006)

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Cons :

_The role of England, in the secret financing of the French revolution, in retaliation for France’s support for the American Revolution, is not mentioned…

_The film ends with the “departure” of the Royal family from Versailles (not very accurate). Nothing is shown of their horrible fate afterwards. As well as the particularly horrible one of Louis XVII.

_A character says to the Queen at one point : “The French people are a fickle people”… Uh… No. It depends on the kind of the Frenchs we are talking about.

Neutral points :

_Louis XVI is shown there as weak. It is painful to see.

_The golden cage of Versailles quickly became very heavy for Marie Antoinette.

_The music (very modern) sometimes gives a weird feeling…

_The question of reckless spendings and a total lack of contact with the problems of the people is addressed.

_Giving birth in public… Was clearly not the best honour for a Queen on these times.

_The scene of the courtiers at the Petit Trianon was unnecessary.

Pros :

_The relationship between the Countess du Barry (Asia Argento) and Louis XV (Rip Torn) is truly excellent.

_The Duchess of Polignac (Rose Byrne) is just brilliant.

_Champagne ! But also pastries. Card games. Laughs. A refreshing childish carefreeness vision.

_Marie Antoinette’s little farm is described by herself as a “little paradise”. Very interesting. Despite the luxury of Versailles, she was happier there.

_Seeing Marie Antoinette on the stage of her little theater… It’s very moving.

_The shots of the gardens are superb.

Conclusion :

_A dream about France, as she can be seen on a international level.

_A film for young girls who dream to become some princesses. And which shows them a little of what is behind the scenes.

_A quite moving film at some times… Especially the end, as you might expect… Even if the most horrible events are not shown…. Awful events.

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