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Behind « Scissor Hands TM » we find the founder of this brand : Nazar. He lives in Ukraine. He is the boss of this brand who do some vintage and funky cosmetic products for men. Let’s discover more about it there :

OJL : Hello Nazar.
Nazar : Hello.

OJL : So we are going to try to see what is your personality first. Then we will talk about your works. What is your favourite colour(s) ?
Nazar : My favourite colour is the new colour (laugh). It is all the first things that leave an indelible impression for the rest of our lives. It is the first things that we remember forever (smile).

OJL : Who is the animal(s) that you like ?
Nazar : I love animals with intelligence who are next to me and who have a common history.

OJL : What is your favourite sport(s) ?
Nazar : At every stage of my life, a new sport appears. Now it’s more cycling.

OJL : What brand(s) do you like ?
Nazar : Here I will probably indicate the very first brand that made the greatest impression on me in my distant childhood and it was probably the first brand that I recognized.
Which is… Lamborghini.
They showed me a pink model of this car and I remember that moment like now. I asked what it was called ? And the name that I heard was not usual for that age. It was a combination of soft sounds with hard ones. It sounded both sexy and menacing. This is exactly how the child’s imagination perceived everything (smile).

OJL : Wow… Nice. Very cool. Which quote(s) or sentence(s) do you appreciate ?
Nazar : As soon as I find myself at a dead end, I immediately tell myself: “We need new victories”.

OJL : Excellent quote. Lastly, which super-hero(s) or even super-villain(s), do you admire ?
Nazar : Now I would name only one : Dr. Manhattan.

OJL : Excellent character… Let’s talk a bit about you now. What can you tell us about yourself ?
Nazar : I love my job, I live by my job and in return she loves me and gives me the gifts of life. I see the goal and see no obstacles and I am always ready to sacrifice everything to achieve it.

OJL : Very impressive… Who are the professionals who made you ? Those who struck you ? In a few names and in a few words.
Nazar : Three persons. First my father who gave me the character. Then, my grandfather who gave to me the intelligence. And finally my mother who gave me the heart.

OJL : Waow… How did you choose the name of your brand ?
Nazar : This was an era when brands received brutal names, like rock and roll bands in the 80s.

I was young and my computing power was still weak, and this all dragged on for three months. It was evening and I decided to relax by watching a movie and decided to watch a Tim Burton movie. And a request for the film Edward Scissorhands popped up in my mind. And then the second half of my mind, which was searching for the brand name, said “Damn, this is what we need” (laughs).

OJL : Let’s talk now about your works. What do you do ?
Nazar : I am developing cosmetic products for men. In order to overcome the female matriarchy in our country (laughs). We have a lot of beautiful women, but men have a weak culture of self-care and women take advantage of this. But both men and women love the beauty of the body (smile).

OJL : Here in Brittany (France) we have a strong matriarchy too… How could you describe your style ?Nazar : Fusion gaming style.

OJL : Which techniques do you use ?
Nazar : Analysis of various information and its further accumulation to the point of explosion (smile).

OJL : Is it possible to ask you for a custom product ?
Nazar : This is possible, but if it is strategically beneficial for me.

OJL : Is it possible to subscribe to your newsletter ? Because the social networks are a bit… saturated.
Nazar : We don’t do any mailings at the moment.

OJL : I saw two pictures of ladies using your products. Do you plan to offer some products for women?
Nazar : Products for women are a niche that I am just flirting with. I show that our products can also handle women’s hair. But I still don’t quite understand what women need. Copying products from other brands is not for me and it is not a strategically correct decision. The time for a women’s line has not yet come.

OJL : Do you have an anecdote about one of your products ? Or about one of your sales ?
Nazar : Yes. Once our products were confused by the post office with another package from another person. And when our client received this package, he called indignantly that he had not ordered lubricants for sex (laughs). I regarded this as an attempt to deceive and began to clarify this with the post office. The post office raised all branches in the city. they raised the main branch in the region and they raised the main branch in the capital and everyone tried to understand who needed lubricants and who needed hair styling (laughs).

OJL : As you know, the situation in Ukraine right now is very difficult. Because you live there, can you tell more about it ?
Nazar : The situation in Ukraine is as follows – there are three types of people there :  
_The first is people with education and high culture, they support Ukraine with all possible forces.
_The second type of people are simply kind people who do not understand history and politics; they are afraid of war and want everything to end.
_And there is a third type: alcoholics with low intelligence and culture, and so they criticize the authorities and wait for the Russians because they think that they will help them rise from the bottom.
People don’t notice that in Russia : military planes are crashing, warships are sinking, and military factories are exploding.
They sit in front of Tik Tok or in front of Telegram where there is a lot of Russian propaganda that infects their minds with fear for the weakest minds.

But the most important thing is that all young people support Ukraine, because to stay here at a time when rockets are flying everywhere and the lights can be turned off in winter… You need to have strong Faith.

Some people can’t stand the stress and leave, that’s normal. People are afraid, but business stands firmly on its feet and gives everyone work. And if there is money, then there will be women, and if there are women, there will be men. We’ve been walking for too long to turn off the path now.
Large-scale invasion, dam explosion, lockdown, threat of blowing up a nuclear power plant, threat of a nuclear strike.

One thing is obvious : the pharaoh is afraid of us !

OJL : Last question. You surely have some friends who are making wonders ! If you would like to promote them, this is your time !
Nazar : Yes indeed : D. Vincente. He is my graphic designer.
His website is :

OJL : Congratulations for everything you do. May Our Lady protects you.
Nazar : Thank you.