KelTec : innovation & performance

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KelTec official website :

KelTec is an American weapon manufacturer.

Here is the last official video presentation from the brand himself :

To know more about the brand founder and his sons, you can watch this other video made by the company called “30 years of innovation” :

Now let’s talk about two of their products : the KSG and the P17.

The KSG shotgun

Their most known product is the KSG :

Perhaps because it was on the movie “John Wick” (2014) at 1min27 :

And if you want to know more about the updates done on the KSG :

The P17 handgun

The P17 is their pistol the less expensive. And it shoot with the unexpensive 22lr.

Here is a first review about it :

And another :

So as you can see, the two men loved him. They were just concern about the rear sight set screw.

And a last one (in French) :

The man said that on the positive points:
_This pistol is twice lighter than a Glock.
_You can put a silencer on it. And others options (even if it is a very short pistol).
_It is not expensive to buy.
_The “Norma Tac 22” seems to be the bullet this handgun prefer.
_In theory it is sold with 3 magazines for 16 bullets each (very good).
But on the negative points :
_If a bullet is stock on it… It is difficult to pull up. He had this problem just with some old bullets & when the handgun was very dirty.
_To clean it, it seems difficult, say the man.
_Also the barrel is slim so, according to him, this barrel can heat fast if you shoot a lot. And the problem is that then, the bullets will be less accurate.

Conclusion :

KelTec seems to be an interesting company. And they seems to care about ladies. As the main picture of this post show and as this other advertising picture (original link) :

And this advertising video :