Rock Island Armory « STK100 »

Link to the main picture : here

Official website :

Rock Island Armory is an American firearms manufacturer owned by Armscor a firearms manufacturer based in the Philippines.

The STK100 is a pistol which they are very proud of. Take a look at the page about it, you will see that they show off… 9 positives reviews in video ! I have never seen something like this before.

Let’s see one review about it. And then, how to disassemble and reassemble it (for a cleaning purpose).

And now about the field strip. Well, we are lucky because we have an official video about it :

Cons :

_Does not exist, for now, in 22LR
_A cheap box for carrying it

Neutral :

_Glock clone

Pros :

_Nice look
_Balanced pistol (good)
_Built for speed shooting
_Easy to disassemble

Conclusion :

This pistol seems to be a good surprise.