Armscor « MAPP MS »

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Armscor is a firearms and ammunitions manufacturer based in the Philippines.  They own Rock Armory Island which is an American firearms manufacturer.
One of their less expensive pistol is the MAPP MS.
Let’s see one review about it. And then, how to disassemble and reassemble it (for a cleaning purpose).

And now about the field strip :

Cons :

_Does not exist in 22LR (but used to exist)
_Not so easy to disassemble
_No serrations on the front of the slide
_I don’t like the shape of the trigger (but this lady likes it)
_Double action
_Not ambidextrous

Pros :

_Interesting price
_Interesting grip
_The work around the trigger is correct

Conclusion :

Well, if you like it, go ahead.